Meet the Farmers

Skye & Sean


Noble Ocean Farms, LLC. is co-owned and operated by a driven couple – both scientists and stewards. Co-founders, Skye Steritz and Sean Den Adel, are both of Celtic descent, and now gratefully live on the homelands of dAXunhyuu (the Eyak People), nestled between Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta of Alaska.

Skye has always been enchanted by the sea and began scuba diving at age 12. Her favorite place to be is under the surface, gazing up at golden columns of sunlight cascading through the water. Skye is dedicated to social justice and habitat preservation. She holds two Master of Science degrees in Water Resources Policy and Management, with a specialization in Diplomacy.

Sean grew up on the Salish Sea where he developed a profound love for nature. Mentors, like Terry FastHorse, helped him find his passion for salmon and understand the interconnectedness of people and place. Later Sean graduated from Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University where he majored in Environmental Science. Sean has extensive experience in: fisheries research, water quality monitoring, and seafood processing. Every day Sean actively works to protect wild salmon ways of life, recognizing their importance to Alaskan cultures and ecosystems.

[Photo by Ay┼če Gursoz]